About Selam Bus Line


Selam Bus Transport Share Company was established by the Tigray Development Association (TDA) in 1996 to alleviate the prevailing nation-wide shortage of public transportation. The company commenced operating dependable bus transport services with a fleet of 25 IVECO buses as of April 09, 1996.

The company sold 35 of its old buses by an auction and replaced them with a new, modern and comfortable tourist bus, which are now rendering service to all regional capitals connected by an asphalt road. Again, with the new fleet, the company is steadily progressing to the new millennium with new vision and organizational arrangements.

The vision of Selam Bus Transport Company is “to render reliable, safest, comfortable & modern public transport service in East Africa”.  To this effect and in order to raise a capital that would enable it realize its mission and vision as well as have more service coverage, the company is selling 60% of its shares to Ethiopians in the different parts of the country.

The head quarters, bus terminal and garage of Selam Bus is to be established in Addis Ababa with branch offices in all regional capitals. Buses departing from Addis Ababa to all the regional capitals providing all necessary information and entertainment services to the satisfaction of the passengers are expected to serve as the ambassadors of the region. Selam Bus is committed to maintain the ease and convenience as well as the comfort of its passengers by regularly making arrangements of efficient and standard reception and hotel services on their behalf and furthermore the aim is to raise its capital so as to give efficient and modern bus service by importing very modern buses possessing the state of the art technology including internal café and toilet services, all to the satisfaction of its clients

The objective of preparing this brochure is, therefore, to see to it that our passengers understand the rules and regulations as well as their responsibilities, which in turn would enable us to provide a fair, accountable and transparent public transport system.

To this effect, passengers in every trip will be provided with a suggestion paper that they can fill and put into a suggestion box already fixed in all the tourist buses. We invite all passengers to participate in the continuous assessment of our services by forwarding their opinions and recommendations in all matters related to our services.  This feedback will help improve our services and make our vision a reality.


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