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Selam Bus S.C.

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Written by Administrator   
Friday, 29 May 2009 14:09

Travelling is so easy to all major cities of Ethiopia when you choose to travel with Selam Bus. Operating the most modern fleet, certified for its Highest Safety Record, Selam Bus will get you there in comfort & style. Coaches are 48 seat capacity with seat belt equipped, offer climate controlled air-conditioning, fridge, aircraft style recliner seating with feeding/coffee table, Magazine net & foot rest for each passenger seat, panoramic glare tinted windows and onboard washroom & toilet. You can also enjoy onboard video entertainment, snack, plastic packed spring water or juice which ever is your choice while travelling along the way.

So make the right choice! Travel with Selam Bus- the coach company that is leading the way. Selam Bus makes it easy for you to sit back and enjoy the ride. Save on gas, insurance, and time. Avoid the hassles of parking and traffic. Take the bus!  Selam Bus provides economical and convenient multi-ride commuter packages for daily service to all major cities of Ethiopia.          

Departure Times

 All the times the departure time is at 5:30am in the morning at all departure cities.

Reporting Time

Reporting time is 30 minutes before the departure of the coach. Please ensure that you make yourself clearly visible to the conductor at              each departure cities. 

Distance in Km of each Trip, Travel time & Fare

There is daily trip to the following Major cities of Ethiopia.



 Distance                      in km

                                                           Travel time    

    Tarriff in birr by   

Scania            Yutong   

 Addis Ababa Mekelle78312 hrs in one day340.00                 400
 Addis Ababa  Gondar73811 hrs in One day335.00                 375                   
 Addis Ababa  Bahir Dar5638 hrs255.00                 290
 Addis Ababa  Dessie4016:00 hrs

175.00                 205

 Addis Ababa  Dire Dawa5158:30 hrs235.00                 265
 Addis Ababa  Harrer5269 hrs240.00                 270
 Addis Ababa  Jimma3465:30 hrs165.00                 195
 Addis ababaJiJiga62811:00 hrs285.00                 320
 Addis Ababa Hawasa 275 4:00 hrs130.00                 140                     
 Addis Ababa Shire 1087 18 (2 days)465.00                550
 Bahirdar Dessie 481 6 
 Mekelle Shire 304 5125 
 Mekelle Humera 587 10 in one days240

Note that the price above doesn't include accommodation cost 

Departure sites & Their Phone No. 

Ticket Offices and Departure Sites


Departure Site

Phone No.

 Addis Ababa Meskel Square  +251 115 544831; +251 118 500281/2
 Harrer Jelil Building +251 256 669734 / +251 913 298623
 Gondar Piassa Taye Hotel +251 918 722531
 Jimma Central Hotel

 +251 471 123803 / +251 913 04449

 Bahir Dar Bus Station +251 582 265709 / +251 918 760778
 Dessie Near Bus Station main gate +251 914 710713  /+251338111287
 Mekelle Seti Hotel +251 34 441 8853


 Legehar Train Station Square

 +251 258 110359 / +251 911123089

 Jijiga Near Red Cross +251 913 547595 / +251 955736
 Shire Endaselassie Bus Station

 +251 914 112406 / +251 344444882

 Humera Bus Station +251 914 21 8291

Dispatch Program Changes

Dispatch Program may be changed at any time. Note: Should you make a reservation and the timetable change after confirmation you will be contacted. Otherwise it is advisable to check the timetable again 48 hours prior to departure.


Fare Based on Age

Children Under 7 Years Of Age

One child under the age of 7 will ride free per adult fare if not occupying a seat. An additional child under 7 will receive a half price adult fare. A maximum of two children under 7 may travel per adult ticket; additional children are charged a full-price adult fare. Any child under 7 occupying a seat will receive a discount off a full-price adult fare.


Children 7 Through 11 Years Of Age

Children 7  through 11 years of age receive a  discount off half price of adult fare, when accompanied by another passenger 15 years of age or older. A maximum of 2 children ages 2 through 11 may travel per adult ticket; additional children are charged a full-price adult fare.


Children 12 Through 14 Years Of Age

Children 12 through 14 years of age pay a full-price adult fare, but must be accompanied by someone 15 years of age or older to travel.


15 Years Of Age And Older

Children 15 years of age and older pay a full-price adult fare and may travel alone. They may act as the accompanying adult for children under the age of 15. 

 Unaccompanied Minors

A minor is deemed by selam bus to be someone aged between 7 and 12 years of age. A minor is deemed to be unaccompanied if they are not accompanied by a person over the age of 18 years. No child less than 7 years old may travel alone.Selam bus will carry unaccompanied minors provided that an unaccompanied minor form has been completed fully, has been signed by at least one legal guardian, a copy held by selam bus and a copy held by the unaccompanied minor. It is important all legal guardians read and understand the unaccompanied minor form before signing it.A booking for an unaccompanied minor cannot be confirmed until an unaccompanied minor form has been fully completed. Ticketing a booking without an unaccompanied minor form being completed may result in cancellation of the reservation or a refusal of carriage.Click here to download the unaccompanied minor form (Adobe Acrobat format (file size 45 KB) ).An unaccompanied minor must carry a copy of the fully completed unaccompanied minor form when traveling on any selam bus coaches. The driver will request to see the unaccompanied minor form before accepting the minor for travel.Where possible selam bus Conductors will seat unaccompanied minors in rows 2-5. This is not guaranteed and is a stated intention only.Selam bus reserves the right to refuse carriage should the correct forms not be completed and held prior to travel.

  Please Note:

·         A child’s ticket must be purchased along with an adult fare.

·         The child and adult must travel together for the entire trip.

·         One-ways and round-trips cannot be combined on the same transaction.

·         Children 8 through 14 years of age may travel unaccompanied by an adult providing all of the following criteria are met:

·         An Unaccompanied Child Form must be filled out completely by parent or guardian at the station of origin. The adult designated by

      parent or guardian on Unaccompanied Child Form must be available at the destination station to sign for release of child.    

·         No change of bus is allowed en route.

·         Trip must be no longer than 5 hours in duration.

·         Destination station must be open at the time the child is scheduled to arrive.

Refreshment and Comfort Stops

All services have regular, scheduled comfort and refreshment stops.


  • 25kg per person free
  • Extra luggage max 50kg, where space available, cost 8 birr per kilogram.
  • please label luggage to your final destination, as we cannot accept responsibility for unlabelled luggage

Please be sure that all your bags have an identification tag on them. These are available at the ticket counter. Please make sure your bags are properly tagged inside and out.

Because the security of you baggage is important, each customer must be in charge of getting your bags to the bus and transferring them when making a connecting bus.

Selam Bus baggage restrictions:

·         One (1) piece of baggage is checked free of charge for adults and children. One (1) additional piece of baggage may be checked for a       charge. Baggage carried beyond two (2) pieces will be charged based on Selam Bus Package Express rates. One (1) small bag up

to 25 kg can be taken aboard for each adult or child. Carry-on bags must fit in the overhead compartment or under your seat.

·         The maximum allowable weight for checked baggage is 50 kg. per individual piece of baggage. A charge (depending on the distance traveled) will be charged for any baggage above the 25 kg. limit.

·         Baggage must not exceed 62 inches when adding the total exterior dimensions of the piece (length + width + height). A charge (depending on the distance traveled) will be applied to any baggage above the 62-inch limit.

·         Packaging only exceptions to the following items: bicycles, skis and ski poles must be packed in wood, canvas or other substantial container, and securely fastened; towing equipment must be enclosed in rigid containers or wrapped in a strong material such as canvas and securely strapped or tied. Towing equipment is limited to 100 lbs. pounds actual weight; these items are not exempt from oversize charges.

·         If bags exceed maximum size and/or weight, customers must ship the item by their friends.


Prohibited Articles In Baggage Service

The following items are prohibited in baggage:


Acids                                                                                       Alcoholic, Beverages or Liquor (including Beer, Ale and Wine)

·         Ammunition

·         Animals, Pets, Service Animals

·         Articles Exceeding Baggage Size Limitations

·         Backpacks, Baggage or Other Items with Attached or Protruding Articles

·         Batteries Containing Liquid Acids

·         Combustible Liquids

·         Corpses or Ashes of Cremated Corpses

·         Cylinders Containing Compressed Gases (See NOTE below.)

·         Explosives

·         Films, Flammable

·         Firearms, all types

·         Fireworks

·         Flammable Items

·         Furniture

·         Gases

·         Hazardous (dangerous) Articles

·         Jewelry

·         Laptop Computers

·         Live Fish, Poultry, Reptiles

·         Matches, Strike-anywhere

·         Materials that have a Disagreeable Odor

·         Merchandise for Resale (except sample baggage)

·         Money

·         Perishable Items, including Foodstuffs

·         Phonograph Records

·         Poisons

·         Prescription Medication, Doctor Prescribed (Not permitted in checked baggage. Must be kept in the possession of the passenger at all times.)

·         Radioactive Materials

·         Television sets

·         Watches

·         Weapons

Carry On Items

  • If you are traveling with a baby you may take a collapsible pushchair or carrycot and one extra piece of luggage
  • Handbags, umbrellas, walking sticks and other aids are permitted
  • The driver will use his discretion to ensure your, and your fellow passengers comfort
  • As we are a passenger service, we do not carry freight or unaccompanied luggage

Larger Items

          (eg, bicycles, surfboards etc)
  • will be carried, subject to space availability on each sector travelled (limit - 1 per person)
  • cost 8 birr kilogram.
  • in the interest of other traveller's luggage and driver safety, all bicycles must have the pedals removed and the chain covered
  • Collapsible, self propelled (propelled by the person sitting in them) wheelchairs can be carried. No electric wheelchairs or scooters can be carried.


We are unable to carry animals on board on our coaches. Guide dogs are welcome on board and are the only exception.


Under the provisions of the Smoke Free Environments, coach services are required to be smoke-free.

Passenger Ability

Passengers traveling on selam bus must be able to stand on their own legs or they have to have their own assistance. Selam bus drivers will not be in a position to carry passengers on and off the coaches.Passengers who require somebody to lift them on and off the coach must arrange for these services at their pick up and drop off points. Drivers are not permitted to participate in carrying passengers.

Carriage of Motorised Wheelchairs & Scooters

Selam buses are unable to store and/or carry motorised wheelchairs or motorised mobility scooters on any of their services.

Why Commute On Selam Bus Lines?

  • Help the Environment: Selam Buses are three times more efficient than cars.
  • Save Money: Don’t pay for parking or gas
  • Ride Safely: Selam Bus Lines receives the Highest Safety Ratings from Transportation Authority.
  • Feel Better: Less stress and just little bit of walking.

Safety and Drivers

Selam Bus coaches travel over 4 million kilometer a year which is equivalent of nearly 10 trips to the moon.

Every day and every trip, our drivers put safety first!  At Selam Bus Lines, we’re proud to consistently achieve the Highest Safety Ratings from Transportation Authority.

A significant milestone in a professional driver’s career is achieving one million kilometers without an accident … which takes a minimum of 16 years to accomplish. Selam Bus is proud to have more million kilometer drivers than any other company its size. In fact, we are the only bus company in Ethiopia to employee drivers who have driven two million kilometers without an accident.

At Selam Bus we are customer-driven. Your safety and satisfaction are our #1 priority. Our original motto from the 1996′s… still rings true today:   “On time if possible with safety… late if necessary for safety’s sake.”

We would love to hear from you! Please let us know if our service has met your needs and expectations. You can reach us via email by completing the form on this page, or if you prefer, call us at 0115548800/01, and speak to one of our Customer Care Specialists. 

Refund Policies

While Selam Bus does everything in its power to ensure our coaches depart and arrive on time, as scheduled, due to conditions and delays due to traffic, detours, weather, connections and other unforeseen matters, we are not liable for any inconvenience or expense caused as a result of such a delay.

·         Selam Bus is not responsible for delays or missed connections due to another carrier (bus, train,  flight etc…).

·         All seating on our coaches is on a first-come, first-served basis; Except passengers with a Reserved Ticket are boarded first. We recommend arriving at least 30 minutes prior to departure.

·         If traveling to/ or connecting to an airport we recommend customers take an earlier schedule to allow sufficient arrival time and check-in time at the airport. Many airlines require passengers to check-in 2-3 hours in advance.

·         Any misplaced, lost or stolen ticket is not able to be refunded or replaced. Selam Bus cannot be responsible for any misplaced, lost or stolen tickets.

·         Tickets redeemed for travel do not have any refund or monetary value. If the ticket was unused and is refundable you may request a refund using the refund guidelines.

If the ticket is refundable, a refund can be obtained through the following methods:

If the ticket was purchased at a Selam Bus ticket office, the original purchaser may obtain a refund at the location in which the ticket was purchased within the validity period of the ticket. i.e. 24hr before departure time.

When contacting the ticket office for refund, please include your name, address and phone number along with a request for the refund.


Ticket Changes

Origin and/or destination are not able to changed or exchanged. If you would like to travel to/from a different location, please purchase a ticket for that new location and review if the original ticket is eligible for a refund. 

Selam Bus tickets purchased at most terminals or agencies are able to be re-issued if requested before 48 hr of departure time. If the passenger desires to change his schedule of trip after 48 hrs of departure time, departure date and time can be changed for a 50% cancellation fee per ticket provided the following conditions are met:

·         Any advance purchase requirements must be adhered to.

·         Applicable holiday blackout restrictions for advance purchase fares must not be adhered to.

·         The time limit from the original sale date must be adhered to.

·         All transactions and travel must be completed within the validity period of the ticket.

Tickets purchased at most terminals or agencies are able to be re-issued at most ticketing locations. There is no reissue fee. However, if you are re-issuing the return portion of a round-trip ticket, the difference in fare between the value of the ticket and the standard fare will apply. Origin and destination may not be changed under any circumstances in an exchange.

Reserved/Priority Seating Ticket Holders Please Note:

If you would like to travel at a later time, your ticket would be accepted for travel for a later schedule, on the same route on the same day, however the Reserved/Priority Seating is only valid for the schedule specified for. The Reserved/Priority Seating fees are non-refundable and non-exchangeable.


Advance Fare Tickets:

If you would like to leave before the intended travel date, you may bring your ticket to the departure location and have the ticket reissued for the new travel date. There is no re-issue fee except for any fare difference between the fare for the day of actual departure and the original purchase price. 

Further Information

For further information we invite you to see "Travel rules" menue in this website.

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